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A Family Legacy

David Gonzalvez's father began working in the leather business over 60 years ago. For decades, he instilled a deep appreciation for exquisite leathers and superior craftsmanship in his children.

David worked alongside his father and siblings for as long as he can remember. As he honed his skills, he developed a genuine love and passion for his work, which eventually motivated him to lead the family business.

In 1995, El Rastro de la Piel opened. Originally operating in a brick and mortar store, the company built a strong reputation for renewing leathers discarded by manufacturers. This "second chance" for leather contributed to sustainable, eco-friendly efforts across Spain and the rest of Europe.

Several years before the pandemic, El Rastro de la Piel began selling its products online. However, as a result of lockdowns, David was forced to close his brick and mortar operations and sell exclusively online. Now, operations and sales have soared, as El Rastro de la Piel has expanded its reach to international customers.

Today, El Rastro de la Piel is a premiere source of leather across the globe. And, David envisions that the small store started by his father will endure for generations to come.

Genuine Customer Service

Since the beginning, we have been committed to excellence in customer service.

Owner David Gonzalvez says, "One of the things I'm most passionate about is seeing my customers return, seeing them succeed, and knowing that the artisanal work they do sells well."

Three pillars guide our approach to our customers:




Our customers' satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our greatest joy comes when customers happily share pictures of their beautiful, completed products. We couldn't be happier, knowing that El Rastro de la Piel was a part of that.

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