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If you're looking for genuinely durable leather, you need suede leather. Also known as split leather, it's the layer that remains after the thicker part of the hide has been split into various layers.

As we mentioned, it's called suede leather because it's extracted from the inner part of the hide. However, don't think it's not useful or of poor quality, because it's quite the opposite.

While it may not be as shiny as other types of leather like cowhide, lamb, or goat, it's exceptionally resilient.

Due to its immense durability, the sale of suede leather is ideal for making workwear such as gloves or boots. However, it's also used for crafting footwear, handbags, leather goods, and even items for falconry.

Moreover, those skilled in working with it can create beautiful accessories and decorative elements. That's why if you want to buy suede leather, you've come to the right place.

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