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¿Sabrías identificar la piel falsa? No creerás lo que sucede al final

Would you be able to identify the false skin? You will not believe what happens in the end

Would you be able to differentiate the real skin of the imitation leather?

The leather articles are for all sides. But the authentic ones in general it differs because they are more expensive. Now then: What happens if we enter the world of the false imitations? For many persons it they will be more difficult since now many imitators appear. Nevertheless, the false skins or imitation leather have some revealing signs that we can identify.

Leave to me that it tells you...

During this week, in our Facebook we have been putting our followers to test. The challenge was consisting of finding out which of three images was of a false skin or imitation leather. Next we will explain to you more.

It seems easy to simple sight you will think … but not. The false skins, or an imitation leather there are a few cloths that they imitate to the leather in its diverse slopes like the fantasy, engravings, cattle and for diverse uses like the dressmaking of clothes, hangings or decoration of the hearth between others.

You are be the publications …

How can you observe in the images it is complicated to perceive a skin without being able to touch it, and even having the skin in the physical state it would be difficult to appreciate it.

Very well, we are in the study and now we are going to see in detail the experiment that we did with our followers: Would you be capable of detecting to simple sight what the false skin is?

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Every time we are more hanging than you are interested in. Be already new exclusive products for the web, promotions, you offer flash.... Or contents related to the world of the skin, like news about actuality, new tendencies, weekly or direct videos. Do not get lost quite what we offer you, IT CONTINUES THE NEW TRACK.

Skin of Engraving

We begin with the first publication that was consisting of an engraving leather selection. These skins have a special tact, hence the by-name of recorded. They offer singular forms simulating the skin of crocodile, snake, ostrich, lizard, shark, etc …

The option most voted like false skin was the second image that for its sheen was making seem that out of finished plasticized.

The reality is that the first photo was the false one! Leave to me that it shows it to you.

How can you appreciate, the imitation leather tries to imitate not only the tact of the skin but also its surface. If you pay attention to this one you will notice how it has puntitos. this they owe to the printer that is not capable of giving him more detail.

Skin of Lacquer

We go on to the following publication, in which the lacquers are the protagonists. The lacquer is a type of leather covered with varnish or lacquer that a finished very glossy and brilliant one has.

This skin cost enough of identifying our followers. We explain a little the most well-known characteristics to you:

In these images we can appreciate that the plastic recovering is of a very bad quality. The modern lacquers have plastic recovering.

Another way of knowing the first one if a lacquer is really good is for its reverse. When we turn round him we appreciate that it is a synthetic cloth. And if we can already cut it then you will be able to imagine that the cloth shows the finished synthetic one while the skin shows us its natural filaments of the skin.

Skin of Serraje

And finally and not for it less important the serraje. This was the one that more found it hard to us to foresee us … and we will say to you porqué.

The characteristics are exceptionally similar to simple sight, but at the time of the truth the leather is more resistant and lasting, this is a reality.

To observe how the skin acts when it is cut. It is really fragile and to the tact it leaves a sensation of greasy plastic. It is a material that although it is not difficult to supplant, does not have anything that to face the genuine leather.


In conclusion, independently of what you want to do with the skins, the best option will always be the best, and this is the one that provides a quality and resistance to you that do of your works and projects something more than a perishable product in a short period of time. The quality that provides the skin still could not be had equalled by it and it is something to bear in mind.

That's why, In the Track of the Skin you will not be surprises, since all our skins are a 100 % authentic.

Have you remained with desire of more?

It discovers our new section where we answer to the questions that our followers ask to us for social media...

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Everything what your projects done with leather need. If for what you look is a leather, then THE TRACK OF THE SKIN is your place.

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