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Consejos para reparar muebles o sofás de cuero

Tips for repairing leather furniture or sofas

If you have a leather furniture or sofa you have a treasure

That's how it is. If you have a leather furniture or sofa you have a treasure.

And nowadays these types of pieces are synonymous with elegance, distinction and beauty, but to make them look like new you have to give them minimal maintenance, and then they will look like the first day.

Furniture that is outside or exposed to direct sun near a window or door can be easily damaged.

With these simple tips that we bring you today, you will prevent them from spoiling and can be preserved for longer.

How to protect or repair your leather furniture

Leather is a 'living' material, so it requires continuous maintenance. In general, the skin tends to dry out and crack over time, especially if it is outdoors, so it is very important to hydrate it every 6 months with a protective or greasing wax.

Leather can have different finishes depending on its tanning, so the skin can be more or less sensitive depending on its finish. Most leathers usually have an aniline or semi-aniline finish, so they do not have a protective layer like an oiled finish leather may have.

If your furniture has already lost color or is dry, it will be very difficult to save it. In this case you will need to hydrate them and dye them again. The most advisable thing is to go to a professional to restore them, but with a little skill you can also do it yourself.

It is a somewhat more complicated process since you will need colored cream and rub it well over all areas of your furniture so that everything is uniform. Once all the color cream has been applied, it must dry completely before it can be used.

Even so, it will be difficult to get it perfect, which is why we recommend preventing this situation by applying a protective or greasing wax from time to time. At El Rastro de la Piel we have one of the best protective creams on the market, also at an incredible price.


Ideal for all types of leather, including hair such as suede and nubuck.

the best advice we can give you...

Try to protect it from direct sun, either with a cover if you have it outside, or with blinds or curtains if you have it inside the house. It is the most obvious advice, but it is really that the best one is going to work for you.

It should also be noted that color loss will be noticed sooner in strong colors than in lighter colors, which is why we recommend that you buy furniture in light colors.

We hope that these tips are useful and that you can show off your leather furniture for many years.

If you have any questions, you can write to us in the comments. Until next time!!

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