Reasons why leather is so popular
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Razones por las que el cuero está tan cotizado

Reasons why leather is so popular

Why are leather products so popular?

Leather is becoming more popular every day. And perhaps this fact leads you to wonder why you see this expensive material. But in reality, when we explain the leather process, its applications and its excellent advantages and quality, you will see that, in reality, its price is not so high; in fact it is quite the opposite, hence its high demand.

The leather process

In our company we have many years of experience managing all kinds of hides and skins. And, we can say without fear of being wrong, that we have excellent prices for each product that we offer. But, even so, perhaps many clients can see it excessively expensive. However, it is a very common perception error. Find out why.

Animal husbandry

Next, we want to show you the enormous process that leather goes through until it reaches your home, your dressing room or a store. We start with the animal husbandry:

  • Whatever animal the leather comes from, of course, it needs to be of a minimum age until enough material can be extracted to work with it.
  • During the breeding time of the animal, it must live in healthy conditions, with the required doses of food and tranquility. As you can imagine, all this comes at a cost.
  • In addition, depending on the animal from which it is obtained, there is not much leather that can be removed, since not everything is always usable, as is logical.
  • And, in addition, according to established laws, you have to wait a while until you can work with the animal, which entails significant health and living expenses.

The subsequent processing of the leather

At this point, the leather products process  it is far from over. There are still many steps to take until it reaches your home:

  • Once it is being processed, treating the leather is not always easy, since the skins have to be worked with a large number of chemicals to achieve the desired effects that are later marketed. According to international ecological laws, highly chemical pigments must be removed and changed for other natural ones. Furthermore, the riverbank process with chromium and lead has been abandoned, so as not to contaminate the waters.
  • Furthermore, leather is not a material that can be easily worked with. Years of experience and knowledge, special tools and a lot of tact are needed, as it is a very peculiar product. So any failure can mess up the entire process and throw hours of effort to the ground. Hence, you have to have great professionals. Any mistake requires starting again and wasting hours and resources.
  • It should also be noted that leather as such, when it comes from animal skin, is full of blemishes, marks and insect bites, etc. But we all like to have this material in perfect condition when we acquire it, which is why it is so difficult to work with, since it costs a lot to be as the client likes, and for this a long and highly professional tanning process is required.

Leather Fees

And finally, we find leather taxes and fees. In a store like ours, where we work with the best qualities, we are very concerned that the product that reaches the customer is what they want and need. So we bring this material from anywhere, as long as it allows us to offer only the best.

However, leather, especially foreign, has a series of taxes and fees that every trade like ours has to pay in order to sell. Hence, we worry about combing the entire planet with the sole reason of putting at your disposal the best leather qualities  of how much can be seen today in our country.

Leather products, a material to get a lot out of

In addition to the whole process that we have already seen, leather products they are materials to which we can make the most of. You may not have noticed, but your own life is surrounded by leather, since it has excellent advantages:

  • It is a very resistant material.
  • Leather is very comfortable.
  • It adapts to all kinds of temperatures, withstanding extreme cold and excessive heat.
  • It is also very adaptable to various body shapes, from clothing to footwear or gloves.
  • It is smooth looking and elegant looking, although this point depends on the type of skin of origin. But they all have their unique characteristics that make it ideal for what tasks.
  • It has a powerful resistance to the passage of time, so it hardly deteriorates, no matter how many years pass.
  • It has a low absorption of liquids, so it is difficult to stain or deteriorate.
  • Over the years, it beautifies and gains elegance.
  • Even in decoration, it is perfect to combine with any piece of furniture, from iron to wood or steel.
  • It is very warm and docile once it has been processed.
  • It is great for making work material, such as gloves or livestock tools, etc.

Leather, a product in high demand for its versatility and elegance

That is leather is in high demand  today due to many factors, but mainly due to its enormous versatility and elegance.

Leather products fit perfectly into decoration, fashion, work, construction, etc. Thus, it is enormously versatile in its uses.

And, if that were not enough, it is one of the most elegant materials that exist. Whether in dresses, setting dining rooms and living rooms of the home, in coats and jackets ... That is, we are dealing with a material that can provide sobriety, color, classic or contemporary image ...

And last but not least, his cleaning and maintenance  they are very simple. The best specialists know that if properly cared for, it will last more than 20 years in perfect condition.

Of course, take care that no corrosive liquids are spilled on it, that it does not accumulate dirt or dust, and apply dry rags and special moisturizing creams from time to time so that it is kept in perfect condition.

You have already seen the many utilities of leather products  and why it is so popular. A unique material that can be combined with practically everything. So if you have questions about how and where buy the best leather, Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Welcome.


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