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Frequent questions


- How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Orders usually take between 24 - 72 business hours if there are no complications or delays on the route. For shipments outside the Peninsula, delivery times may vary depending on destination.

- Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order. You can ask for whatever you want.

- Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, they ship to practically all over the world. Simply enter your shipping address in the purchase process and the program will automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the size and weight of the package. If your country is not included, contact us and we will see if shipping is possible.

- Can products be returned or exchanged?

All our items have a return and exchange guarantee as long as the items are in perfect condition and have not been tampered with.

El Rastro de la Piel will ONLY be responsible for the return/exchange shipping costs when the skins received are in poor condition or are not those selected by the customer in their order. In all other cases, shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

For international shipments we DO NOT accept exchanges or returns.

Maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order.

- What happens if I receive the package in poor condition?

The shipping agencies we work with are usually careful with packages. If your order has still arrived in poor condition, opened or damaged, it is important that you take some photographs before opening the package so that we can file a complaint with the transport agency.

- It's been several days since I placed my order and I haven't received it yet. What can I do?

Contact us and we will see what has happened to your shipment. It is very important that when you place your order you provide us with all the information you can to make it easier for the delivery person to deliver your package and avoid unnecessary delays.

- I have selected Bank Transfer as the payment method in the order. Where can I see the bank details to make the transfer?

In this link you can see all the payment methods we currently have, as well as the bank details to make the transfer.

- I want to place a cash on delivery order and I don't see the option in the payment methods

It is not possible to place a cash on delivery order online. To place a cash on delivery order you have to contact us and provide us with the reference(s) of the products you want to buy, as well as your complete address for shipping.

- I am not very sure about the color and I would like you to send me some samples. It's possible?

At ERDLP we take photographs very seriously, so each and every image that appears on the website has been taken by professional photographers adapted and optimized to true real color.

If you have questions, we can send you some samples of what you need for a cost of €6. You just have to contact us and provide us with the references of the articles you are interested in.

- I want to upholster a sofa or chairs, how do I know what quantity and what type of leather I should order?

In this case we recommend upholstering with Leather Goods or Upholstery Cowhide due to its size and characteristics. For upholstery, leather with a thickness of no more than 1.5 mm and a Normal or Soft touch is ideal. You can use filters to select these features and narrow your search to only the items that interest you.

To know how much leather you need, you must first know the measurements of the object you want to upholster. With these measurements you can now search the products and see what quantity you would need. The measurements for each leather size are specified on the individual sheet of each product. If you have any questions, you can contact us through any of our means of communication.

- I bought a skin in my previous order that I really liked and I want to order it again, but I don't see it in the catalog. Because?

At ERDLP we are committed to the sustainability of leather and its recycling, which is why almost all our leathers are second-hand. This means that they are skins that were no longer going to be used and would be stored until destroyed. We give a second life to that leather and put it back on the market, thus reducing leather manufacturing and, consequently, reducing pollution to the planet.

But of course, that also has a negative part, and that is that the skins have a limited stock. That is, once they have been sold there is no possibility of replacing them. The good news is that our stock is so large that we will always have something very similar to the product that was sold out.

- I want to make an item with leather and I have no idea what type of leather I should choose. How can I know what type of skin I need?

To help you choose the right type of leather we have a guide to products made with different materials so you can see the different finishes. This guide is called TYPES OF USE and you can see it in the web menu. We have examples of Bags, Wallets, Purses, Binding, Footwear, Upholstery, Belts, Clothing and Accessories.

- I'm starting to make things with leather and I would like some type of course that teaches the basics to start getting around in this world. Do you have something like that?

Yeah. We have a very complete course to get started in Leather Crafts. You can see more information at the following link:

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