Care! The 7 worst mistakes when choosing a leather type
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¡CUIDADO! Los 7 peores errores al elegir un tipo de piel

Care! The 7 worst mistakes when choosing a leather type

The 7 worst mistakes when choosing a leather type

If you need leather or natural or animal material, keep an eye out! These are the 7 worst mistakes when choosing a leather type. It is important to consider these tips we give you if you don't want to fail and think you've been given cat for hare. So, take a good note and you will know at all times the type of leather you are buying and what to use it for.

Unforgivable mistakes when choosing leather type

Information is power. We live in a world where we are sometimes over-saturated and unable to separate dust from straw. That's why we recommend you take a good note. These unforgivable mistakes when choosing leather type are common, and also perfectly avoidable.

Difference between natural leather and faux fur

If you're going to buy leather, leather or similar material, be clear about the type of product you need and difference between natural skin and faux fur. If you are looking for quality, do not doubt that natural skin is much better than artificial and synthetic, but also something more expensive.

Sometimes we get carried away by low prices, without thinking about the time of use and deterioration of a particular item. That's why it's important to know that while natural skin care may be more delicate, it's also an excellent material of much greater durability.

Nowadays it is easy to confuse natural skin with synthetic leather, as the processes are increasingly elaborate and spectacular effects and finishes are achieved. Either way, make sure what you want according to your needs so you don't miss. If you are looking for natural skin, do not allow to be offered leather, leather or simile, because they are artificial. And if it is the other way around, it acquires the synthetic, but not the natural one, because the care, price and treatment are different.

Make sure you're the type of skin you need

You must also make sure you're the kind of skin you need. That is, although natural skin and leather are better, not all of them serve the same. Depending on the purpose you are going to give it, you will find some more suitable than others.

Within the world of skin we find many kinds of kinds. Cow's skin, pigs, goatskin... As you know, not all are useful for the same thing. Pork skin is very durable, but less flexible than cow's, for example, and is used for the inside of bags or shoes, without going any further.

So, if you are looking for material to decorate, design work clothes or make leather goods, to say a few examples, you will need to know the type of skin you are acquiring and what it is most useful for.

Know the care of each skin

Don't let anyone tell you that these materials take care of themselves. First of all, knows the care of each skin. Whether natural or synthetic, it's important to know that they require a good deal. Also, if you want it to last in perfect condition, you'll have to know tricks and formulas to cleanse skin and always look bright and new.

In addition, if the skin you buy is going to be for common and daily use, you will need specific care that will not be needed if it is as an ornament. That, not to mention products and leather goods for special jobs, such as gloves, for example, or belts, that require more specialized treatment.

Don't buy natural skin for use in places with too much sunlight

Never buy natural skin for use in places with too much sunlight or where their rays will directly strike. As much as they tell you it's okay, it's not like that. This error will cause the material to deteriorate faster than normal and its duration to be shorter.

Today, for more treatments that are applied to the skin, and although it is a very resistant material and of great durability, it still does not support direct natural light well, so it is advisable to remove it from places where it will give it in this way. In any case, opt for synthetic.

Don't use skin to stay in touch with certain surfaces

When it comes to choose skin, be aware of its use. If your skin is going to be in constant contact with certain surfaces, such as pet nails, zippered clothing and buttons, pens or even young children, you may need, in addition to sturdy material, perhaps another type of product.

Think that the skin can deteriorate quite to the touch with sharp surfaces, or by constant misuse. Children can play with paints, and dogs can scratch it with their fingernails. In this case, perhaps the skin of Suede be the toughest, but that doesn't mean it's not going to deteriorate.

Choose the skin sections you can find

Not all materials, even from the same animal, are the same. I mean, you have to know choose skin sections you can find and select them according to your need. Otherwise, you can find unpleasant surprises.

For example, the part of skin on the neck or shovel is the one that is extracted from the front of the animal. It is not very expensive, has irregular thickness and is good for its easy treatment.

The croupon or backsa outs of the, corresponding to the back, is the best part to work if your thing is leather goods, crafts, design, etc. That said, it's the most expensive of all skins.

For their part, Skirts, in the belly area and legs, is less consistent and more manageable and deformable, making it ideal for modeling.

Other parties to consider are the flower and the back. The first is porous and smooth. The back is the part that was attached to the meat of the animal, and therefore manageable and comfortable.

Think about the smells of the skin

Have you fallen into the smells of the skin? Each, whatever the type, has its characteristic aroma. On the other hand, synthetic leather has a certain touch of plasticized, although sometimes treatments are applied to make it look like the smell of leather.

Be that as it may, do not forget, since it is a scent with which you will live a long time, and products such as goatskin could be that over the months you end up uncomfortable, to set a simple and quick example.

Try not to fall into any of these mistakes when choosing a skin type, since not enjoying this wonderful world is a shame. There are many options and goodness of the material, hence it is necessary to select with wisdom and touch.


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