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Fashion Gold

How to create something unique in leather of enormous value?
When you have the best means, it is easier.

If you are one of those who like to go further. If you are one of those who values ​​the good quality of things...
We have created something for you.
Collection of the best of the best. A unique and exclusive selection of 32 pieces of beef of the highest quality.

We are not exaggerating.

These same leathers come from productions of top international fashion brands that we all know.

The price is also top notch.

You are going to pay much less than the real value of these leather jewelry.

Before continuing you should know something

This collection is very curious

Given the extraordinary quality of the leather, it is possible that we will never be able to launch this same collection again.

Therefore, skin that runs out, skin that you lose.

There's no more.

We have categorized the 32 unique pieces into a range of 12 colors.

Depending on the color, there are different units, with different measurements.

In the following images you can see the complete collection according to color.

Also, at the end of this page you can see the availability of each of these 32 unique pieces.

*Collection available while supplies last.

All pieces in the collection

32 unique pieces

Do you have doubts about any skin?

We help you in a personalized way with any type of question.

We send you recorded or live video via WhatsApp.

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