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In this category you can find the right skin to make your shoes.

There are many types of shoes, be it boots, shoes, slippers, sandals, etc... , but in all you can use practically these items that we recommend. 

Depending on the type of shoe you want to make, ideally one type of skin or another. For example, for a ladies' shoe the most indicated is goatskin, lamb, laminate... . For a few boots it is more advisable cowhide, whether greased, rustic, nobuck.....


Leather goods

Skin highly recommended for different types of bags, wallets, backpacks, footwear, binding, upholstery, kidneys, wallets, purses etc.. , depending on their thickness and touch will be more suitable for some models or others.



Multipurpose leather for all kinds of craftsmanship, from the largest to the smallest, taking into account that it is a skin with a oiled finish with which you have to know how to use it the right use, since it could stain for certain uses of it. 




Velvety skin to the touch with which it is pleasant and you could create all kinds of items. 

It should be borne in mind that due to its finish is a delicate skin that could be easily stained.



Skin with a style finish as its own word defines it, 'Rustic'. Give your project a unique touch.

Valid for any type of craftsmanship with a 'Vintage' touch.



Calf skin is the thinnest and softest skin inside cowhide.

It is leather of extraordinary quality and softness, perfect for jobs that require a professional finish. 

A skin for life.


Soft-touch skin with which it is pleasant. 

Keep in mind that due to its finish is delicate skin that could be easily stained.



Patent leather

Bright skin with a unique finish on the market. Provides extra durability and waterproofness.

A classic among the classics. Give your creations a different touch.



The cowboy skin, also known as cowboy skin, is one of the best known varieties. It is a type of thick skin usually used in countless works, especially in those of craftsmanship, embossing, engravings, pyro-etched or tinted, among others


Small skins, fine thickness and velvety touch. 

They are usually used for footwear and handbags, but it can also be found in clothing and indoors or linings.

Get an elegant touch by adding this article to your project.


Small size skins with a very soft touch and pleasant to the touch.

Recommended for wallets or purses that do not require a certain rigidity.  



Small-sized skins with a smooth and soft touch, and thin thickness that allows its handling very easily. It's the kind of skin you never fail with.

Perfect for the elaboration of wallets, wallets, wallets, etc..




Small-sized skins with a smooth and soft touch, and thin thickness that allows its handling very easily. It is a perfect skin for the elaboration of wallets, purses, wallets, etc.

Make your project colorful


Cow skin engraved on any type of exotic animal type crocodile, snake, ostrich, etc...... to add a touch of daring to your creations.

Ideal for any type of work you need.



Cow or goat skin with hair tinted in different shades or drawings to give exclusivity to your bags, shoes, accessories....

Dare something different...



Goat or cow skin printed in countless combinations, finishes, imitations of animals, etc...

The versatility of this type of skin allows you to use it in any type of project.



Pork skin is a breathable, hypoallergenic and flexible skin especially suitable for all types of interiors or linings, whether footwear, bags or even for craftsmanship.

In any of its variants (Flower, Ironing, Pecari or Serraje) can be useful as an interior, it all depends on the touch you want to bring to the product.