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In this category you can find the right leather to make your ideal bag.

There are many types of bags, whether handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks... but in all of them you can practically use these items that we recommend.

Depending on the rigidity you want for your bag, you will have to choose a more or less rigid leather or a more or less thin thickness.


Leather goods

Leather highly recommended for different types of bags, wallets, backpacks, footwear, binding, upholstery, fanny packs, wallets, purses, etc., depending on their thickness and feel, they will be more suitable for some models or others.

It is the star product for bags.


Multipurpose leather for all types of craft work, from the largest to the smallest, taking into account that it is a leather with an oiled finish so you have to know how to use it properly, since it could stain for certain uses of it. .

Split leather

Velvety skin to the touch which is pleasant and could be used to create all types of articles.

It should be taken into account that due to its finish it is a delicate leather that could easily stain.


Leather with a style finish as its own word defines it, 'Rustic'. Give a unique touch to your project.

Valid for any type of artisan work with a 'Vintage' touch.


Velvety skin very soft to the touch which is pleasant.

Keep in mind that due to its finish it is a delicate leather that could easily stain.


Leather especially suitable for all types of upholstery, restorations, repairs of imperfections in your furniture.

Valid for motorcycle seats, car interiors, boats, desks, etc...

Patent leather

Glossy leather with a unique finish on the market. Provides extra durability and waterproofing.

A classic among classics. Give a different touch to your creations.


Cowhide leather , also known as cowhide leather , is one of the best-known varieties. It is a type of thick leather in general and is widely used in countless jobs, especially in crafts, embossing, engraving, pyrography or dyeing, among others.

Natural Cow

It is the star product of the 'pure' artisan that offers hundreds of possible uses, for example inking it, pyrography, embossing it...

With this type of skin you can go as far as your imagination allows.


Skins of small size and very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Recommended for bags that do not require a certain rigidity.

Its use is especially for small bags, handbags, fanny packs, shoulder bags, etc...


Special lambskin for extra soft feel and very pleasant to the touch.

Ideal for all types of clothing or garments such as gloves, skirts, jackets, etc...


Cow skin engraved on any type of exotic animal such as crocodile, snake, ostrich, etc... to give a touch of daring to your creations.

Ideal for any type of work you need.


Cow or goat skin with dyed hair in different shades or patterns to give exclusivity to your bags, shoes, accessories...

Dare with something different...


Goat or cow skin printed in countless combinations, finishes, animal imitations, etc...

The versatility of this type of leather allows you to use it in any type of project.

Flower Pig

Breathable, hypoallergenic and flexible leather especially suitable for all types of interiors or linings, whether for footwear, bags or even for craft work.

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