El Rastro de la Piel en las II Jornadas del Cuero en Ciaño (Langreo - Asturias)
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Discover an exciting journey full of learning, companionship and a lot of craftsmanship


One of the dates marked in red arrived in the calendar of El Rastro de la Piel, the II Leather Days in Ciaño, Asturias. 

A journey that only starts

The entire team of El Rastro de la Piel moves to Ciaño, a small town in beautiful Asturias. 

Along the way we were able to discover unusual places, changing climates and contemplate very beautiful views of the characteristic landscape of northern Spain.

The journey began and we were already impressed with the energy that this new adventure transmitted to us.

The team of El Rastro near Albacete, on the way to Asturias.  

As we approached our destination we perceive something different in the environment, a scent that we didn't used to notice in our starting place. Wet land, green-filled forests and covered skies virtually all year round. Rains of days that committed us to being close to a warm fire and a pleasant company. We were in Asturias, a green paradise, abrupt and full of charm.

We cross mountains full of lakes, endless tunnels, and surrounding villages with a particular charm. Our long journey came to an end as we approached the event site which had originally brought us. The II Leather Days in Asturias, a space where craftsmanship, creativity and the desire to learn came in one place.

An event by and for leather craftsmen, organized by Arte Yunastur. One of the events with the most projection of the moment and that will soon be a reference at the national level. A cozy and very well located place that welcomed hundreds of visitors and participants from the different courses and crafts with leather offered.

Among his s tands we were able to see the different materials on offer, such as tanning, tools, threads... And everything you need to do craft work.

Skins: The stand of "El Rastro de la Piel" was one of the largest of the event, where leathers of the different kinds offered on our website were exhibited. 

Tools: Tandy Leather, a leader in the tool sales industry also gave much to talk about both for its variety of tools and for its collaboration in the different courses.

Threads and add-ons: The last stand came from the company A bruxa Dos Fios whose owner, Marga dedicated a few words about this beautiful profession how it is the hand-stitched. 

Among all the variety that was offered, for example we were able to find the course of like dyeing and coloring leather, taught by Andrés Ruiz (Tandy Leather), or the braiding courses taught by Isaac Romero (Coiraxe), craftsman by profession. 

Workshops that were undoubtedly a success as they were adapted for both novice students and beginners and craftsmen of profession who wanted to recycle.

These courses were taught during the three days that lasted the days, most of the day. They were certainly the main claim but we were also able to enjoy other precious moments, such as lunch with a novel format that included both networking and a way to make everyone, both companies and participants, talk and get to know each other. An event that has given rise to many future projects.

Another star course was the creating leather wallets. Participants were able to learn how to create a portfolio from scratch, or how to make leather bracelets following the ever-correct instructions of the two experts in the field, Andrew and Isaac.

A wide variety of leathers of all kinds could be seen in our stand of El Rastro de la Piel, where participants and visitors were able to touch, ask or simply inform themselves about the leathersº that were offered.

If you like the leather craftsmanship, you want to get started, or you're just curious, this is a unique opportunity to meet people with the same tastes as yours and learn new leather crafting techniques.

We leave you a video summary of the trip of our team from El Rastro de la Piel to the II Leather Days in Asturias, to enjoy it!!

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